Ava’s Curiosity Acrylic Painting On Canvas


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“Ava’s Curiosity” is a painting that invites viewers into a world of intrigue and exploration. At its center stands a young woman of color, her presence exuding a sense of curiosity and wonder. However, what immediately captures the eye is the striking detail of one side of her face being covered by leaves of a plant, as if concealing a part of herself from the unknown.

The artwork tells a story of the delicate balance between embracing curiosity and simultaneously safeguarding ourselves from its potential risks. It evokes the universal human experience of feeling drawn to the allure of the unfamiliar while also harboring a natural instinct for self-preservation. The leaves symbolize a protective shield, serving as a visual representation of the barriers we create to shield ourselves from the uncertainties that come with curiosity.

Within the painting, there is an invitation to reflect upon personal experiences of embracing the unknown. It prompts viewers to consider the last time they felt the stirring of curiosity to venture into uncharted territory, to try something new and unfamiliar. The painting encourages introspection, urging us to delve into the depths of our own curiosity and examine how we navigate the fine line between exploration and self-protection.

The vibrant colors and meticulous brushwork bring the painting to life, capturing the essence of the young woman’s spirit and her inner yearning for discovery. The juxtaposition of her exposed and concealed features reflects the complex interplay between vulnerability and self-preservation, illuminating the multifaceted nature of the human psyche.

“Ava’s Curiosity” serves as a reminder that curiosity is a powerful driving force that propels us towards growth, knowledge, and self-discovery. It encourages us to embrace the allure of the unknown, even as we take measured steps to protect ourselves along the way. The painting prompts us to question our own relationship with curiosity, inviting us to navigate the boundaries between vulnerability and self-assurance.

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Afmetingen 60 × 50 × 3 cm

60 x 80 cm


Acrylic on canvas


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