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“Dolce Vita” is a captivating painting that radiates warmth and exudes a profound sense of joy and authenticity. The artwork is a powerful testament to the inherent right of women of color to embrace laughter and happiness without the need for explanation. It challenges societal expectations that often demand justification for the expression of joy, especially for women from the Afro and Afro-Caribbean diaspora.

The painting’s warm yellow background serves as a vibrant canvas, symbolizing the sunny disposition that laughter brings to life. It creates an atmosphere of positivity and delight, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the celebration of joy and the liberation of self-expression.

At the heart of “Dolce Vita” lies a captivating smile that captures the essence of the painting’s message. The smile is adorned with two golden teeth, a symbolic representation of the immense value that laughter and expression of joy hold for women of color. The golden teeth shine with pride, signifying the richness and beauty of these moments of happiness, which carry deep significance within their cultural identity.

The lips painted with red lipstick add a touch of passion and warmth to the artwork. The color red symbolizes the vibrancy and intensity of life, reminding us that joy can be experienced in its fullness, irrespective of the reason behind it. It encourages viewers to embrace the sheer delight of life and the power of genuine, unapologetic self-expression.

“Dolce Vita” serves as a celebration of unbridled authenticity and empowerment. It empowers women of color to break free from the confines of societal expectations and embrace their laughter and joy with pride. The painting resonates with a sense of liberation, urging individuals to let go of the need for explanation and revel in the sheer beauty of the present moment.

As you immerse yourself in the radiance of “Dolce Vita,” allow the artwork to inspire you to celebrate your own joy and laughter without restraint. May it be a reminder of the value and significance of genuine self-expression, regardless of cultural background or societal norms. Let “Dolce Vita” ignite a sense of empowerment and encourage you to live life with passion, authenticity, and an unapologetic smile.

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40cm x 40cm, 15.8inches x 15.8inches, 50cm x 50cm, 19.7inches x 19.7inches


Print only, Black, White


Black, Orange, Red, Yellow, Brown, White, Gold




Contemporary, Realistic, Joyful, Expressive, Bold


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