What You Need To Know About Commissions| LIVE Art Talk

What You Need To Know About Commissions| LIVE Art Talk

Hey people,

It is tricky, complex and not that straightforward. Nevertheless, there are many things that I can offer in this LIVE that can make it all clear. A commission is literally giving someone an assignment or order to produce or create something. For artists and creatives that is a common action. 

However, what are some of the common pitfalls that people are not aware about? What do you actually do when you commission an artist to create an artwork whether that is a painting, sculpture, photography, music/video production or performance. 

In this LIVE Art Talk we get to some of the questions that you as a budding art buyer or collector can take into consideration.It is my intention to make it less tricky, complex and more straightforward.

Let’s talk about!

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