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Unboxing The New Art Print On My Youtube

The unboxing of the art print is always an exciting moment for any artist. The purpose is to see whether the art print or merchandise meets the standards. In my video The Unboxing on my Youtube channel, I show my first and very candid reaction to the results.

This new art print has been added to the webshop that is giving a sultry, silky and soulful feel. For the last exhibition at CBK Zuidoost, I created a new painting called “Emerge”. A square oil painting of 70 by 70 cm that has become a favorite of the public at MCJ Studio. I’ve created a video in which you see a part of the process of creating this painting. Go watch it over here. Finally, I could not wait to see the result of the oil painting on an art print and offer it to you all as a great option for my reproductional work. 

What is an art print?

An art print is a reproduction of the original painting. The number of available prints is limited and allows for any collector to have a copy of the original. The artwork is published on German Hahnemuhle Etching paper giving it a sturdy and very reliable base for any artwork to really vibrate.

How to buy art prints online

The art prints are available in the webshop and are shipped with a certificate of authentication. The certificate is a document that states you’ve acquired a certified reproduction of the artwork at hand. The art prints are offered at different sizes and price points making it an affordable option. You can visit the webshop to browse through the available collection.


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