Long Time No See! Art, MCJ Studio & More |Art Talk Live

Long Time No See! Art, MCJ Studio & More |Art Talk Live

Hey people,

This was quite some time ago for me doing the LIVE show, however I’m back. In today’s show I wanted to get reacquainted with everyone. The people that follow me on the social media platforms are quite familiar with all the snippets that I post online.

Yet it works a little differently in the social arena. I subscribe to seeing, hearing and interacting with people. So this is no way different. By introducing you all to my art practice, my mind as an artist and artworks, you will get a clearer insight in what I do. In a world where everything might be going fast, I slow and break it down. 

I hear what the audience is saying and you would like to hear us speak more about ourselves and the art. Then this LIVE show is a great watch to see what moves me as an artist and what my art is about. 

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