Do You Like Or Do You Love Art? | Live Art Talk

Do You Like Or Do You Love Art? | Live Art Talk

Hey people,

That is a good question isn’t it? Do you kind of like what you see or do you absolutely love it? It really all depends on a number of factors when it comes to art. We all tend to like different things and I really wish that I could provide a cookie cut answer. But…I don’t and that is actually a good thing.

My perspective finds its premisew in my culture so I tend to be drawn to color, spiritual meanings, language, Hiphop and House music, afro and Afro Caribbean prints, golden jewelry and food. But what do you like and love to see?

As a creative and artist, I do want you to experience each and every single phase that you are going through. When you look at an artwork, your background, cultural influences, experience as a novelist or seasoned art collector, family dynamic, etc will all come into play. All of that will eventually spill over to your choice and quality of work you admire.

Let’s talk about!

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