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How To Buy Artwork Online And Gain Trust.

Even Though acquiring artworks through online platforms is becoming more and more the norm, it still can be a daunting process for people. Art galleries, auction houses and art dealers have made their way to the internet. Especially since we have been faced with the turmoil and consequences of global events that limit us physically visiting art spaces. Consequently, the online platforms are making huge strides and basically have become just as viable as the physical presence of representative art spaces.

Art: from offline to online

Nevertheless, when it comes to online transactions that are different from your everyday shopping lists, people need more insight into their purchase and from whom they are purchasing it from. Independent artists, like MCJ Studio, are aware of that and use platforms like social media to create more familiarity of what happens in an artist studio. The social media platform is a great way to get to the artist’ world and be introduced to their work. Especially when physical studio visits are not always an option to do so. 

The importance of having that view in  someone’s art and artistry is, for customers that buy art online, a significant part of the process. In this article, I talk about this and its use in the acronym T.A.S.T.E. The letter ‘a’ stands for artist. It could seem that art buyers might feel that their hands are tied together as there is more information on the side of the artist, galleries and other art representative platforms. 

How to buy artwork and build trust.

I feel that this couldn’t be further from the truth. For art buyers there are great opportunities to build a stronger bond with the desired artwork of the artist. Furthermore, the time and distance allows for the art buyer to have a wide range and look at what is being offered. There is nothing worse than being rushed or pressured into your process to acquire art. This has changed by the many ways of online communication, presentation and distribution of information before, during and after an online visit on an art platform.

The changes of art buyers getting what they pay for and being satisfied with their purchase is still of great value. Moreover, the migration and expansion from off- to online. The methods of buying artwork are more advanced than before and allows you to get: 

  • close and detailed views of artwork,
  • combine the familiarity of shopping online with art,
  • use payment methods that allow you to efficiently and easily pay for your desired artwork.

This all leads to trust from and to both parties, In any transaction, trust is a must. At MCJ Studio there are opportunities that suffice to the point mentioned above.


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