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Why Creatives and Artists Should Stay Away From High Productivity.

Artists, Creatives & High Productivity

A couple of weeks ago, during an Instagram LIVE, one of the viewers asked a question. The question was about the high level of productivity that is really leading its own life. Coming from a couple of decades ago, where artists would produce less artworks per year, we are definitely seeing something else trending. One side of the coin could be that artists and creatives increase their visibility and engagement with their public. However, is much of the artist’s voice really being conveyed when you are constantly moving inline with demand or trends?

Consequently, artist that deal with (extreme/toxic) high productivity are dealing with the hard decision for artists that really want to create a sustainable platform for themselves. Weighing out the choice between high engagement, demand and payment and other side longevity and long term building. I do wonder if art organizations and businesses really take that into consideration dealing with artists. More importantly, do we, creatives and artists ask ourselves that question? In this Youtube video I talk about and give my perspective on it (skip to 10.55 min). I share the disadvantages and advantages of it and I chose to do it. 

Artists, Creatives & Long

Just to make things clear, every person can hold themselves accountable for the trajectory of their career and journey. So by no means, will this video put people into a corner for doing the things the way that they want to do it. The one thing that I can definitely share, without giving too much away from video, is that having a long term perspective counts. I generally question how much artists are supported and guided in that. To be quite honest, the trend of high productivity will be going for some time.

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